Fully compensate for the handicap


REVIVAL BIONICS develops cutting-edge technologies in biomechatronics to reproduce walking and fully compensate for the handicap of lower limb amputees or paralyzed people.

Biomechatronics technologies

Today, despite existing technologies, a person with a lower limb amputation or paralysis still cannot recover 100% of their abilities. REVIVAL BIONICS is committed to providing patients and professionals with the decisive innovation that will make every step easy and pleasant again, and encourage the patient to move forward.

Professionals and patients


Our products, which are as close as possible to the biomechanical characteristics of the human foot, allow you to maximize the recovery of functional capacities and patient benefits.


Our solutions are developed with your feedback. They bring to the market a technology that will allow you to improve the care of your patients.


We are committed to doing everything we can to help you recover your full capabilities so that your daily life provides you with a sense of freedom.

The recovery of a forgotten sensation

REVIVAL BIONICS relies on the latest technological advances in biomechatronics to better understand the movement of the ankle. We integrate the most advanced technologies into our bionic prostheses and orthoses to mimic every aspect of the biomechanics of walking. REVIVAL BIONICS’ products are the result of extensive work on miniaturization, maximizing autonomy and biomechanical performance, allowing us to get as close as possible to walking

One vision, one team

Guillaume Baniel | CEO & CTO

Guillaume, an engineer of the UTC who started his career at Thales, was affected by disability in 2018. His lifelong passion for technology and creation will lead him to create a novel prosthesis architecture between 2019 and 2020 and found Revival Bionics in 2021.

Nathan Girard | Lead Modeling & Control

After graduating from the UTC and Polytechnique Montreal, this robotics enthusiast, sensitive to disability compensation projects, joined the project in February 2021 as a co-founder.

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